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ISP Checklist

# You must: Yes No N/A
1. Show authorization by the Government of Canada to study in Canada.
2. Satisfy requirements of Immigration Canada.
3. Meet Canadian health and security requirements.
4. Complete a medical examination, if required.
5. Provide documentation that you have been accepted at an education institution in Canada.
6. Provide documentation that you have sufficient funds to pay your tuition, maintain yourself and any dependents accompanying you to Canada.
7. Provide character references proving responsibility and no criminal record.
8. Pay immigration fees.
# Document Checklist Yes No N/A
1. Read the Instruction Guide [IMM 5629] and then complete the Immigration Canada application form with all requirements.
2. Keep original Letter of Acceptance from NetSoft IT Academy plus one good photocopy.
3. Apply for student visa.
# Proof of Financial Support Yes No N/A
1. Provide a letter from your bank, a bank draft or a letter from your source of funding. The letter should include a 6-month history of your banking activities.
2. Prove to CIC officials that you can afford to pay your expenses and, if necessary, the expenses of your spouse and dependents, while you are in Canada.
# Student Authorization – The Next Step Yes No N/A
1. Read student authorization carefully. Contact a CIC official if you do not understand its content.
Note: Citizens or permanent residents of the United States, Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon and Greenland can apply at any Canadian port of entry.
# Arrival in Canada Yes No N/A
1. Present your student authorization (form IMM 1208) to Immigration Officer.
2. Show a valid passport.
3. Show a valid visitor visa if required.
4. Show Letter of Acceptance and other related documents.
5. Provide details of place of residence.
Note: As a foreign student studying in Canada, you are eligible for certain customs benefits. This includes temporary importation of household and personal effects. A number of conditions apply, so before coming to Canada, you should refer to the booklet “Entering Canada to Study or to Work”. This booklet is available from any Canadian consulate or embassy by contacting the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency.
# Health Insurance Yes No N/A
1. Join a health care insurance provider.
2. Provide Health Insurance Policy details to NetSoft.
Note: Foreign students are not insured for medical expenses by the Canadian Federal government. NetSoft strongly suggests that you join an insurance provider for the duration of your stay. If you need further guidance, we can assist you in finding a health care provider.
# Working in Canada Foreign students may be allowed to work while attending school, but don’t count on getting a job, as jobs may be difficult to find. You may be allowed to work if: Yes No N/A
1. There is available work as a graduate assistant.
2. Your employment is part of a course of study.
3. There is work available on campus.
4. You work after graduation is in a study-related job for up to one year.
Note: Working without employment authorization may result in deportation. However, your spouse may apply for employment authorization. Please contact CIC officials for further details.
# Fees for Immigration Services Yes No N/A
1. Pay CIC charges to process your application.
Note: For more information, consult a CIC official or visit

To apply for a work permit, please visit:

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More than just technical skills, the institute has taught me little things which are simply invaluable.

– Waheed Abdul Mohammed

The instructors are fully certified and trained and are always willing to help the students. I wish I had joined NetSoft sooner.

– Amson A. Lopes

I highly recommend NetSoft to anyone who’s looking for IT training. I thank you for everything you have done for me.

– Ataul Waheed

I love the hands-on training, group work and the real-life experiences the instructors share with us; it’s all these things that make NetSoft so different from other institutions.

– Brian Carpenter

The only thing I can say is: join NetSoft because you will not be disappointed. It is a place where you can challenge yourself and see yourself grow to become something even better.

– Brian Carpenter

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